Jeremy So

Jeremy So

Name: Jeremy So


Phone Number: (952) 925-4147

Legal Assistant: Sharon Doig

Focus Areas: Litigation services in the areas of elder law, will contests, trust administration, guardianships, conservatorships, wrongful death, probate law, and significant personal injury matters.

Education: JD – University of Minnesota Law School; BA – Classical Civilization; BS – Biology – Loyola University Chicago.

Those who know me well say that I’m:

  • Determined – I put all my energy, brain power and research into all my client’s cases because I enjoy the challenge of trying to be better, more articulate and more persuasive than the other side.
  • Laid Back – I’m easy to talk to. I tend to be approachable both in my professional and personal life.
    Most people feel at ease around me and clients tell me they’re comfortable telling me just about anything as it relates to their case.
  • Meticulous – I’m great with details. I know that the outcome of a case can come down to a small detail. Being exact in all the aspects of my job helps me represent you in the best way possible.

I chose to become an attorney because I believe everyone deserves a fair shake. I tend to be a champion for the underdog – those whose voices are not always heard. I also love to write. Organizing facts and considerations on paper is a great skill to have as an attorney. My profession allows me the luxury of providing a needed service to others while doing something I love to do.

I believe that we can work together to find an outcome that is just for everyone, though we might need to compromise along the way.

I can make a difference by helping people. My calling in life is to help others, whether the person is a client or a friend.

My greatest accomplishment is winning our law school bowling league. It was a beautiful example of teamwork – we all had to play really well all season and each week we leaned on someone different to carry us to first place. Ask to see a picture of the trophy when we meet.

I’m making a difference by providing a balanced view in every case. Having worked for both prosecutors and judges, I understand all the intricacies of those particular angles. This richness of perspective allows me to build a case that is likely to win in court.

Quote me: “Let me check that.”

My next challenge is to increase my experience as an attorney by taking on a variety of cases.

On my bookshelf: Dune by Frank Herbert.

Seven words that describe me: Happy, optimistic, laid back, hardworking, imaginative, spontaneous, traditional.

One thing most people don’t know about me: I like lutefisk. Most people (including Minnesotans of Norwegian descent) often can’t stomach it, but I find it to be an interesting and unique food, and I actually like the taste.

When I’m not working, I’m usually hanging out with friends, playing board games, or trying out new restaurants. I’m a true foodie and will try just about anything.

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