Sarah Sicheneder

Name: Sarah Sicheneder


Phone Number: (952) 925-4147

Legal Assistant: Catherine Lentsch

Focus Areas: Elder law, estate planning, estate administration, guardianships and conservatorships, and long-term care planning.

Education: JD – University of DePaul College of Law; BA – Political Science, Russian Studies – Concordia College, Moorhead, MN.

Those who know me well say that I’m:

  • Independent – I’ve always been willing to take on a big project by myself. I know deep inside that I have the inner strength to overcome any obstacle. I don’t stop until I find the right solution to any problem.
  • Passionate – I care deeply about helping others. I have an innate desire to take care of those who are alone, downtrodden and have nowhere to turn. Call me a champion of the underdog. I will fight for those who can’t fight for themselves.
  • Sharp – It doesn’t take me long to figure things out. I can sift through the noise and unnecessary details to get to the core of the issue. Because of my strategic approach, I can visualize multiple scenarios and their respective outcomes, and eventually find the optimal solution to any problem.

I chose to become an attorney because my dad was one. Ever since I can remember, I’ve admired his unwavering dedication to those who trusted him with their problems. Watching him, I realized that attorneys have the ability to make a significant difference in people’s lives.

I believe that helping people is my calling. If we have the ability to improve others’ lives and we choose not to, we are essentially depriving the world of the gift we’ve been given.

I can empathize with people with special needs. My uncle was disabled. Over the years, I watched my family’s compassion and dedication to making sure he was treated like everyone else. To this day, I remain committed to treating those who have disabilities with respect and empathy.

My greatest accomplishment – My husband and I agreed to foster a tiny chihuahua mix through a local dog rescue. When she arrived, we discovered that she was pregnant. Even though we had no experience caring for an expecting dog mom or delivering puppies, we decided to give it our best shot. I helped deliver all five of her pups in my home and raised them for nearly three months until they were ready to be adopted into forever homes, including the momma dog. It was challenging and a significant amount of work, but I am proud that I took on the challenge to give a helpless and scared first time mom a safe place to have her puppies.

I’m making a difference by making sure I give back to the community using my talents, skills and education. I enjoy volunteering for Tubman, Minnesota’s largest provider of domestic violence shelter services, as well as Wills for Heroes, an organization that provides legal services free of charge to our nation’s first responders.

Quote me: “Now is not the time to panic.”
My next challenge is to complete an Olympic length triathlon.

On my bookshelf: The Rape of Europa by Lynn H. Nicholas

Seven words that describe me: Driven, compassionate, animal lover, crafty, funny, reliable, protective.
One thing most people don’t know about me: In law school I studied art and museum law. I love art and enjoy going to museums in any city or country I visit.

When I’m not working, I love gardening and making things grow, raising backyard chickens, walking my dog, practicing Pilates, training for triathlons, riding my bike, spending time at the family cabin, kayaking, playing board games, attending concerts and collecting vinyl records.

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